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A better way to find leaks.

Our Story

My family started in the pool business in the 1990s. First founded by my brother Jack, the company grew until the rest of the family was able to join in also. One of our biggest problems was servicing pools with leaks. we found that a leak cost the customers money (with the added chemicals, pools constantly turning green in the summer and the leaks causing severe damage to their pools and patios). What was worse was having an expensive pool leak “professional” come out and claim they fixed the leak only to disappear with the customer’s money and leave them with the same problem. It was sad and frustrating. That’s when my brothers decided that I was going to go away to learn how to find and fix pool leaks. Funny, I still don’t remember volunteering. Off I went. I traveled to the Orlando, FL area and picked up lots of information. Then I few several times to California to meet top professionals in the leak and subsurface industry. This is where I learned the secrets of real professionals and how to design and make my own equipment and tools. Soon I was flying to teach others my trade in return for them teaching me theirs. My family has since moved out of the pool service business. Continuing with my expertise, my family and I now exclusively find leaks and underground piping systems.

We renamed our company, Leak and Subsurface Locators, LLC. Still a family-owned and operated business with years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Based in Coral Springs, Florida, we service all of Broward County and southern Palm Beach County. As you can see, over the years we have been able to develop a tested and proven system of locating and repairing pool leaks. Using the latest in state-of-the-art acoustic technology, along with our secret systematic methods, we are the one’s professional call to locate the hardest-to-find pool leaks.


We make the entire process easy and stress-free. You are first greeted by my incredible fiancée Sandra, the backbone of our business. Her kind voice and friendly demeanor will explain the process and set you up for your appointment. Next, you will meet me, Jeff. I will arrive at your home promptly and explain the entire process to you. We pride ourselves in what we do so nothing is better than having you watch so we can show you what we do (if you can of course). After explaining the problem to me, I start out with a visual inspection of your pool and equipment. Then you will see me use my custom-made acoustic listening device (trade secret so no pictures please). This is usually followed by an underwater dive inspection of your entire pool. Once my evaluation is completed, I note my findings and explain everything to you. We make sure that we give you our best and most complete service. We want you confident that you made the right choice. Shortly after you will receive a follow up phone call from Sandra or me just to make sure that everything is just right.

Mike, Pembroke Pines, FL

I had 2 leak companies try to find my leak. Each one charged me then refused to come back when my pool was still leaking. Jeff came out and meticulously searched my pool and found the leak hidden under a tile. Thanks Jeff for a job well done!!!!!

Junior & Tatiana, Fort Lauderdale, FL

We had Leak and Subsurface Locators perform a Leak Detection on one of our big commercial pools. They provided us with a detailed report along with pictures and videos to show the board of directors. It made us look very professional. Thank you. Your company is the only leak company we will use for our properties.

Tina, Aventura, FL

What can I say. I called and the phone was answered on the second ring. Soon Jeff came out and within hours our leak was fixed!!!!!

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