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Leak and Subsurface Locators -
Your Pool Leak Repair Experts

Leak & Subsurface Locators is your go-to experts for pool and spa leak detection and repair. We are a family-owned-and-operated business with decades of experience in and around Coral Springs, Florida that has serviced all of Broward County and parts of southern Palm Beach County since the 1990s. Let us make the whole process easy and stress-free.

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Our Services

Professional Pool and Spa Leak Detection and Repair

At Leak And Subsurface Locators, we specialize in locating and repairing all types of pool and spa leaks. Our expert team is highly experienced in dye testing, line locating, broken pipe locating, pipe repair, underwater pipe repair and so much more. We strive to save you time and money by attempting to fix and repair all of the leaks found underwater. Upon completion, we will provide you with a detailed report including photos and a description of our findings and recommendations that makes you feel you were in the water with us. Our reports have been used for Real Estate closings, insurance information, and as documentation of defects in the pool.

Our Expertise

Broken pipe locating

Broken Pipe Locating

Leaking pipes give off a distinct signal. Often called sonic or acoustic locating, our highly sensitive electronic locators can detect the leak’s signal to pinpoint its location.

crack loction injection

Crack Injection

Our Crack injection repair service is one of the most reliable and cost-efficient ways to repair and waterproof your pool or spa. We are one of the few locally trained and certified experts in this field and our methods are taken from those used to seal underground tunnels and high rise structures. Our crack injection process is quick, effective, and will have your pool or spa looking good as new in no time.

broken pool pipe repair

Expert Pipe Repair

We are experts and finding underground broken pipes.  More importantly, we will also be able to fix them once they are located. Our experience in pool design and construction enables us to quickly identify and fix the break.

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Leak and Subsurface Locators is a family-owned and operated business with years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Based in Coral Springs, Florida, we service all of Broward County and southern Palm Beach County. Over the years we have been able to develop a tested and proven system of locating and repairing pool leaks.


Using the latest in state-of-the-art acoustic technology, along with our secret systematic methods, we are the professionals to call to locate the hardest-to-find pool leaks.

We make sure that we give you our best service and the most competitive rates. We want you to feel confident that you made the right choice. We make the entire process easy and stress-free.

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